Authorities today announced more restrictive steps to curb the outbreak of Covid-19 in the community. This includes the suspension of all non-essential commercial and industrial activities such as casinos for seven days from midnight July 11th to July 18th.

Chief Executive Andre Chung Wen Chung said in a press conference today that he hopes these measures will put the city “quite stagnant” to prevent the spread of the virus, authorities will fill the city. The blockade that repeatedly denied that.

Macau is currently experiencing the worst community outbreaks since the launch of the Covid-19 pandemic more than two years ago, with a total of 1,374 infections as of Friday, June 18th.

Today, the CEO’s dispatch of executives requires that the three essentials businesses be exempt from a seven-day suspension. The first type is an essential entity for providing essential public services and maintaining normal social order. This includes water, electricity, natural gas and fuel, telecommunications, public transport and waste collection, hotel accommodation, cleaning and sanitation businesses. Real estate management, wholesale, and daily goods logistics.

The second type is “the facilities needed to support the daily lives of the citizens,” namely fresh markets, supermarkets, restaurants, restaurants, beverage facilities, pharmacies, and medical facilities, the dispatch said. The third type is “a company, entity, or facility that is exceptionally licensed by the competent authority.”

Meanwhile, the dispatch also demanded that all people in Macau “must be at home” for seven days, “except for necessary work, purchase of necessities for daily life, or other urgent reasons.” To do.Those who leave the house “must wear a mask” and adults “must wear a KN95 mask or [masks with] “Higher Standards”, dispatch has been added.

“Not an impulse”

“This is not an impulse. This is an official order with legal consequences. [for those not complying with the dispatch]”Anyone who violates the dispatch will be subject to two years’ imprisonment and a fine,” Chung said.

Officials also emphasized that the city was not closed. “these are [measures] We aim to minimize social activity and movements … leaving the city in a fairly stagnant state. I want to emphasize that it is not a blockade. ” “These don’t have a big impact on the lives of the citizens … they can still go out every day to buy groceries, go to the hospital and do a Covid-19 test. [and others].. “

“With other people [existing] As a countermeasure, I hope this wave of community outbreaks will reach a turning point, “he continued. “We hope that the general public will cooperate with us … to survive the last seven days.”

Prior to these new measures, all entertainment, leisure and sports facilities in Macau have already been closed from June 24th until further notice, with the suspension of dining services in restaurants and eateries. The government has also conducted a six-round Covid-19 test drive throughout the city since June 18, with an additional four rounds of mass testing from tomorrow (Sunday) to July 17 on Friday. Announced.

Secretariat for Social Affairs Elsie Ao Ieong U said at a press conference today that a large test drive “successfully prevented the spread of the virus exponentially.” Dynamic Zero COVID in the Community in a “Faster Way”.

As mainland China follows a strict dynamic COVID-19 policy, Macau authorities need to report an infection in the community as the current travel ban on the mainland, a compulsory quarantine arrangement, is lifted. I reiterate that there is no such thing.

When asked at a press conference whether most of the business activities in society would continue after July 18th, or if there were more restrictive measures, Chung said today that this is a pandemic situation in the region. He emphasized that it depends on progress.

Economic and Finance Secretary Ray Wai Non also said at today’s press conference that employers will have to pay employees if operations are shut down between July 11 and 18 in accordance with local rules. I confirmed that there was no such thing.

But he wants employers and employees to support and understand each other during this difficult time. For example, an employer can make paid leave available to employees between July 11th and 18th. “We recognize that many employers and employees are negotiating better arrangements than those stipulated in labor law. [in this outbreak]”Rey added.

When asked in detail what kind of business could be opened next week, officials said the media could continue to operate while providing emergency services only to those the banks needed. rice field.

Taxi can continue to operate, but bus operation is “basically stopped”, but there are some specific routes that must be operated. Details of the bus route will be announced later.

Officials said the seven-day suspension would not cover household chores, as they understand that local families need help with household chores when caring for their children and the elderly.

At today’s press conference, Unitary Police Service Chairman Leon Manchon will also have police officers stationed throughout the city and will be CEO next week.

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