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The pandemic has revealed the need for changes and improvements in healthcare systems around the world. Hospitals are focusing on technology to meet the demands of reducing health care costs, improving the quality of care, and protecting the workforce. This is especially true in the surgical field, where pandemic backlogs and other effects are still influential. The pressure is enormous and there is an ever-increasing need for surgical techniques that enable effective treatment and rapid recovery. This challenge is especially serious in Asia, as access to surgery was a major issue even before the pandemic. According to a 2015 survey by The Lancet Global Health, it was thought that nearly 53% of the population would not be able to undergo surgery, even in high-income Asia-Pacific countries. Compare with high-income North American countries where the percentage was less than 1%. The population is also living long. In short, as doctors and patients seek to maintain their quality of life, the demands on the healthcare system are increasing. And even without pandemic pressure, surgery is physically and mentally demanding for surgeons and can cause stress and malaise. In manual laparoscopy (or keyhole surgery), the surgeon’s camera and instruments access the patient’s abdomen through a small incision rather than a large cut. According to one study, 76% of surgeons reported back pain during laparoscopic surgery. Up to 20% of the surgeons surveyed also said they may need to be discharged early due to the physical effects of this type of surgery, which is a serious problem in the field. .. Thankfully, Hong Kong is in a good position to tackle this challenge. Its healthcare sector is a global leader in bringing the benefits of high-tech surgical solutions to surgeons and patients, especially when it comes to surgical robots. Surgical robots with improved accuracy, efficiency, precision, and dexterity mean they can perform more steps, which means they can perform more steps … Source link

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