According to Senator Timmy Dooley, Aer Lingus’s “beggar belief” has decided to cancel the daily flight from Shannon Airport to London Heathrow.

Senator Co Clare Fianna Fáil said the airline’s decision to cancel daily flights from Shannon makes no sense given the pressure that Dublin Airport is currently experiencing.

Heathrow airport officials announced last week that they would limit the number of passengers leaving the airport daily until September to 100,000 to deal with the extreme pressure the airport faces due to stagnant demand and staff shortages.

“Shannon Airport has been defeated again as aviation decision makers continue to be obsessed with Dublin Airport,” said Douri.

“The reason why Aer Lingus does not remove these flights from Dublin Airport to Heathrow is begging, as we are well aware that Dublin can reduce the number of passengers passing by.

“The Irish aviation sector needs urgent reforms. We need to make more use of Shannon and other regional airports to ensure balanced regional development and put pressure on Dublin Airport,” he said. Said.

We asked Aer Lingus for comment.

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