Rising Star Cricket Club beat Elite Sporting Club to win AFL Summer
League 2022 (A Division) Cricket Championship Final at Abu Khalifa Kuwait Rangers
cricket field.Rising Star Cricket Club win the toss, get picked to bat, score 164
Executed when 4 wickets are lost in the specified 20 overs.Rahul Murali scored 67 points in the runoff
55 pitches are the leading role in the final.

Coming out with a goal of 165 runs, the elite sporting club managed to score only 152 runs.
Lost 9 wickets in 20 overs. Rising Star Cricket Club player Renil Raj
In the tournament, Lions Cricket Club player Sandeep Patel was the best batsman and the Lions
Cricket Club player Chittaranjan Nalahari was named the best bowler of the tournament.
Naibu MC, Shamir CK, Arshad Hamza, Tony Thomas, Vishal Pattadia, Vineeth Vijayan
I attended the award ceremony.

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