On June 16, 2022, Swiss supermarket Migros announced that all 10 regional co-operatives voted in favor of maintaining a ban on the sale of alcohol in stores, restaurants and takeaway stores.

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With record voter participation of more than 630,000 members (29%), members were offered free chocolate for voting. The result was clear. Eighty percent of voters in the Aare and Zurich regions voted to maintain an alcohol ban. Basel (76%), eastern Switzerland (76%), Lucerne (75%), Friborg-Neuchâtel (73%), Vaux (69%), Geneva (65%) and Valley (60%) are in these two. I wasn’t too late. leader. Only Ticino approached at 55% and agreed to maintain the ban.

The ban on the sale of alcohol has existed since 1928, when Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler introduced it three years after establishing a co-operative to protect public health and fight the strong alcohol industry. Migros also does not sell tobacco products.

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