Royal Ascot Week gives many people a chance to take a break towards the end of the busy season in Hong Kong racing, but Zac Purton has taken a slightly different approach to take a breather.

Star Jockey had a hard time breathing through his right nostril after hitting his nose when Gorgeous Vitality stood up behind the Happy Valley Gate earlier this month. ..

“Of course, I thought it was broken, but I wasn’t too worried. It’s okay because my nose is always bent, but my nose was clogged, so I kept waiting for blood to come out of my nose. “I was particularly suffering from a broken nose during the horror fall at the Hong Kong Sprint in December,” Parton said.

“For the next few days it didn’t work, and I had a hard time breathing through my right nostril, it was just blocked.

“After a week or so, I thought I should go to see a specialist. At first glance, he said he had a broken bone. He couldn’t breathe because his bones collapsed into his right airway.

“I had to break it again and straighten it. He thought it would be pretty easy, but when he got there, besides my nose I broke before There was a part of .. He basically broke my nose completely, straightened it and reset it. “

Returning to trackwork on Tuesday, Parton assured the Panther that he was healthy, and the firing came to the Sha Tin meeting on Sunday.

“I didn’t feel any pain, but there was a lot of blood, like when I had a cold and my head was blocked, there was a lot of blood, from my nose,” he said. Said.

After straightening his nose, Parton will try to eliminate Beauty Joy’s antiques in the last group race of the season, the Group Three Premier Cup (1,400m).

The tendency to malfunction in the race did not prevent Tony Cruz’s trained gallopers from jumping to a rating of 110 with four wins from Hong Kong’s eight starts, but like Strongner and Lucky Patch. For things, Parton knows his responsibility must put it down together this weekend.

“It’s an interesting race. Obviously, those sprinters are stretching and regaining distance, but the way he races in the middle of the race, if you drop the distance at a real tempo, it’s probably up to 1,800m. It would suit him better than go up. Another option of the day, “said Parton, who referred to another Group 3 premier plate in the afternoon.

White trying to match last season’s long distance with the group’s success at Sha Tin

“He’s doing a really good race, but he can escape while getting points, so he has to get out of the habit of throwing his head in the middle of the race. Your ceiling is here. You can’t do anything wrong. He will have to learn to behave pretty fast.

“The problem is he’s not really pulling, he’s just playing. But that’s dangerous-if he does it and crosses his legs, he can get off. There is also a problem.

“What he’s doing is just as much annoying and unhelpful as there are other factors that allow him to find himself where he cares. We know how to get him out of it. Must find. In the morning he wears a drawer and turns well, but of course he can’t race among them. But he’s really doing well and he has a good chance. It should be. “

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