Mabel didn’t always think of himself as an outdoor enthusiast, but when he decided to take on a hobby other than singing, everything changed.

“When a hobby becomes a job, you need a new hobby,” says a 26-year-old woman. Her first step was to have an Italian Greyhound dog called Imani just before her first blockade.

“I’m OK, I needed a little emotional support, so I asked her to come to my last tour. She was amazing. Cool, I have to go out and take a walk, so outside Let’s get out and inflate. It gave me a good sense of routine. “

Mabel-full name Mabel McBay-loved the fact that she was forced to go out and soon got another dog, Tahini, also Greyhound, to return to her childhood horseback riding. Did.

“Some of my favorite memories of the year are riding my horse,” she says. “I ride a horse and take the dog. The dog runs next to the horse. Then I go to the studio. And I enter with this very calm way of thinking that will change my life.”

She calls this new setup very healthy in her life. “I’m a very chaotic person, but that’s the most mature and healthy decision I’ve ever made.”

Mabel’s two dogs now travel with her everywhere, and she says: “We’re a really funny, dysfunctional little family.”

She admits that walking and riding the dog eased her anxiety. She says, “it’s been around for as long as I can remember,” but “it gets higher when you’re familiar.”

Mother Neneh Cherry and Mabel (Ian West / PA)

Mabel is from a well-known family and her parents released her debut single in 2015 with Swedish singer Neneh Cherry and British music producer Cameron McBay. [her second album, About Last Night… comes out on July 15]By blocking and spending more time with my family, I realized that the negatives of work are far from the positives, “she recalls.

“Looking back at the great things and experiences I’ve achieved as an artist, that’s what I want to keep doing. Yes, there are some things that are difficult to deal with. But in general, the human experience is very much. Isn’t it challenging? “

Mabel accepts that it can be difficult to navigate attention. “I think all of us, no matter how confident you are, are worried about what people are thinking about them at some point in their lives,” she says. “By getting public attention, you can see what people are thinking about you. all time. I was pretty young when I started doing what I was doing, and it took me a minute to accept the fact that everyone has the right to accept my opinion, but I still can’t change my mind. “

Like her animals, Mabel takes care of her mental health by making music and occasionally taking breaks on social media. “If you feel it’s becoming a source of your happiness and the verification is happening in the morning, or saddening you if you don’t get it-you need to take a break , You need to find the physical and practical things that make you happy in the real world, “she advises.

After moving around a lot as a kid (she was born in Spain and lived and raised in both England and Sweden), Mabel said at the age of 18 “I couldn’t find my voice correctly until I moved to London.” Is called.

“It’s great to move around a lot as a kid and I think it’s an asset, but for a long time I was wondering where the house is,” she says. She is multilingual (speaks English, Swedish and Spanish) and grew up with her mother’s African-American stepfather, jazz musician Don Cherry, and Sierra Leonean’s biological grandfather.

Mabel of the Brit Awards of Best British Female (Ian West / Pennsylvania)

“It was like all these different puzzle pieces, and I didn’t really understand how they were combined here. [in London]There are so many different cultures, but there [in Sweden], I definitely didn’t look like a Swede. I will feel this mess about my identity – mixed, I understand my privileges 100%. But at the same time, you still have this conflict in yourself, and I feel scared of owning my blackness. But if you put me in a room with white people, I won’t be white either. “

The fact that London is such a “crucible of all these different cultures” helped Mabel navigate these emotions, and she said this was all the British female solo artist’s Brit Awards in 2020. It is said that it came to receive the award.

“I’ve won my Brit Awards and participated in O2. You’re in London and you’re in the most important area,” she says. “I always feel like I’m suffering from my identity, but I feel like I love London, London loves me. It was a really precious moment.”

Mabel is celebrating her live performance in London again this summer with a special gig that concludes Somerset House’s summer series at American Express. Visit to win tickets for the Amex Summer Drop Campaign.

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