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The Dutch Agricultural Attaché Network (LAN) at the Royal Dutch Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa is looking for an Agricultural Support Officer to work full time 37.5 hours per week.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) is represented by the Economic Departments of Dutch Embassies and Consulates General around the world. The Department of Economic Affairs is responsible for the agricultural sector (Agricultural Attaché Network ‘LAN’), the innovation sector (Innovation Attaché Network ‘IAN’) and the attraction of foreign investment to the Netherlands (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency ‘NFIA’).

LAN network has 60 offices in 80 countries. Through this LAN network, the Ministry of LNV strengthens and contributes to the international standing of the Netherlands in these countries.

The LAN Network represents the LNV Ministry in the field of agriculture and nature in the areas it operates and maintains close contacts with local authorities, Dutch and local businesses and civil society organizations for this purpose. They make an essential contribution to the strengthening of the Netherlands’ international standing in the field of agriculture and nature.

  • Policy support for the purposes of LNV’s main divisions.
  • Provides business services to the Dutch agribusiness sector.
  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Much of the time is spent promoting trade, attracting investment and negotiating market access for Dutch agricultural products with representative country authorities. In addition, agricultural networks contribute to increased food security in certain countries.

The LAN Network takes a proactive approach to exploring Dutch agribusiness opportunities and communicating directly with stakeholders through newsletters,, social media and embassy websites.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Take ultimate responsibility and report directly to the Agriculture Counselor responsible for LAN policy-related support.
  • You give shape and direction to your own and your team’s activities within a designated framework. This includes planning, tracking and monitoring activities, schedules and progress.
  • Carry out administrative requests from the team by complying with departmental administrative and procedural rules, regulations and ministry work agreements.
  • Prepare information for management and provide analysis and recommendations upon request. Process and organize data, manage and maintain these digitally or on paper.
  • Prepare trade delegations, upcoming missions and create programs for trade delegations and visitors.
  • Address trade requests from the Dutch agricultural industry.
  • We ensure that our accounting records are accurate and well coordinated. Responsible for budget control within the LAN, preparing interim reports and responsible for the financial portion of the LAN’s action plan.
  • Create contractor contracts for large events and development cooperation projects.
  • Coordinates the management of contact and communication databases (Achilles) within the LAN.
  • Write articles on the agriculture website ( (ABB)) to visualize ongoing initiatives within your LAN network.
  • Drafting, managing and coordinating the LAN portion of a digital “collaboration space” for archives and documents.

Actual duties and abilities

  • He handles the management and financial aspects of the LAN team’s activities, reports regularly to the Home Base LAN of the Dutch Business Authority (RVO), and contributes to LAN Pretoria’s annual planning and reporting.
  • At the Pretoria embassy, ​​working closely as a team with other colleagues from the relevant embassy thematic teams (i.e. climate change team, innovation team, smart city team, other areas) and acting as a liaison for external relations play the role of
  • Actively utilize network contacts, grow this network independently, and keep the base of the Achilles-like LAN contact database up to date.
  • We help prepare and organize official visits, trade and regional missions, lectures, seminars, workshops, trade fair activities, networking events, and other activities.
  • Collect and manage relevant market and sector information and share a calendar of agricultural exhibitions and events to inform and support the Dutch agrofood chain.
  • Support the presentation preparation process and create information documents.
  • Collect relevant and accurate information/data and communicate with relevant networks including but not limited to within the Dutch private sector and LAN networks.
  • Gain visibility into team activity and share relevant information through social media.

knowledge and skills

education level: Be educated at least to degree level in one of the fields of agricultural economics, social sciences, and/or communications.

Experience level: 3-4 years of relevant experience is required.


  • General knowledge and understanding of financial and (agricultural) economic issues.
  • Experience writing reports, articles and documents.
  • Excellent oral and written proficiency in native language and English.
  • Familiarity with the Dutch language and culture is welcome.
  • Knowledge and experience with HTML documents.
  • Experience using social media in a professional setting.


  • excellent communication and contact skills;
  • flexible and proactive.
  • Computer knowledge and skills (Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Email, Internet);
  • team player.


  • majesty
  • Initiative
  • customer focus
  • center of goal
  • Ability to work with others
  • environmental awareness
  • planning and organization
  • analytical thinking
  • communication
  • stress tolerance

Work environment

The LAN network is part of the embassy’s organizational structure. The Agriculture Counselor is the overall manager of the LAN team, which consists of Agriculture Advisors, Agriculture Officers and Business Support Officers. We work closely with other sections within the Embassy (i.e. thematic teams focused on climate change, innovation and smart cities). Agricultural Network is responsible for agribusiness and natural issues.

contact address

  • With the home-based LAN of the Dutch Enterprise Agency ( in The Hague and other agricultural networks around the world.
  • With the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of The Hague and other ministries as appropriate.
  • with local ministries, professional bodies, and the business community.
  • With other members of the Dutch Embassy, ​​especially team members in the Embassy’s thematic areas.
  • With independent civil society organizations such as NGOs.
  • News media for public relations, PR and press releases.

Employment conditions

This appointment will be carried out on the basis of a local contract in accordance with the LESC rules and regulations of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The contract is for a fixed term of one year with the possibility of extension. Successful candidates are expected to start work from November 1, 2022. The salary scale depends on the candidate’s education and experience.

Diversity and inclusion

The Dutch government is an inclusive employer with a focus on diversity. We respect diversity, promote equality, challenge discrimination, and enhance organizational capacity. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or any other category protected by law. We promote flexible and family-friendly working conditions wherever operational and security needs permit.


Interested candidates can apply by 31 August 2022 by sending a letter of motivation and a recent resume to the Agriculture Counselor’s email address Applicants should present the subject line of the application email as follows: Agricultural Support Officer – Surname.

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