Singapore: AIA Singapore has apologized for the incident in which an AIA insurance agent regained a balloon given to a young girl at a mall.

“I’m sorry for the unpleasant experience,” AIA Singapore said in a statement. “We advised the representatives involved in this case.”

Facebook user Nazreen Ogisi said in a post on Monday (June 13th) that the incident happened last Friday at Century Square Mall in Tampines.

The agent reportedly approached the young daughter with a penguin balloon and asked her if she wanted it.

“Of course, this will please a two-year-old child,” she said in her post. “Then the woman asked me if she could ask me some questions, and I knew she came from AIA (it) from the booth she came from.”

But after answering the question, Ms. Nazleen said, “Clearly (it didn’t fit the profile of a potential customer).”

“Sorry she’s sorry, I needed to get the balloon back and she took it out of my daughter’s hand,” Nazleen said. “Imagine my horror ?? !!”

She added it Another agent later approached them with an elephant balloon and offered it to her daughter, apparently unaware of their previous encounters.

She told this second woman not to “seduce” her daughter with balloons and just to get it back because she didn’t fit the customer’s profile. Then the woman went to ask the manager and she said she couldn’t give it to the young girl and came back.

“First of all, I can afford to buy balloons for my child,” said Nazleen. “Second, seducing children and seducing parents for marketing gimmicks to get the balloons back only if they don’t fit your stupid profile is a very cheap and cheap move.

“Do you think it’s right that a child who doesn’t understand why something was offered to her and given to her just robs it?”

Nazleen called the case “absolutely disgusting” and said it “left an unpleasant aftermath (in her mind).”

“If your customer service is very poor, especially with respect to my child, do you think you trust you to take care of my money to guarantee my life or family? Try it! “She said.

“I will never recommend or pick up a policy with you.”

In that statement, AIA Singapore also “repeats (its) roadshow guidelines to all (its) representatives” and “ensures that they adhere to the highest standards of professionalism”. He said he was working closely with us.

He added that the team was connecting with stakeholders and addressing concerns.

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