Kuwait: National Investments Company, a leader in managing investment funds locally and regionally, has announced that the Al Wataniya Investment Fund has been awarded the 2021 Best Investment Product Award by Global Banking and Finance. The award was awarded taking into account a wide range of performance-related factors, including innovation, flexible strategy, response to local and global changes within the investment sector, and experience and excellence in the investment banking world.

In a press statement, the NIC said the award received by the Al Wataniyah Investment Fund will be based on the performance achieved, in addition to the financial results achieved by the fund, the cash dividends distributed in 2021 and other global technical criteria. .

Commenting on the award, Hamad Al Humaidi, Executive Vice President, MENA Sector, said: It also highlights NIC’s leading position in the asset management sector in Kuwait and the GCC, making it one of the largest local and regional companies with total assets under management exceeding KD 1 billion. He also reflects a successful investment philosophy focused on capital protection and sound investment strategies. “

Performance of the Al-Wataniyah Fund

National Investments Company always manages its funds following a strong investment policy aimed at achieving the highest possible return on its invested capital by investing in the shares of companies listed on Boursa Kuwait. enthusiastic about it. Al Wataniya Fund achieved a return of 27.77% in 2021, achieving a total return of 296.75% since its inception, maintaining a good ranking among large Kuwait-based funds (+ KD50 million) doing.

Al Humaidi also emphasized that the fund will distribute 5% of its nominal value, i.e. a cash dividend of 50 fils to unit holders for the fiscal year ending 31 December 2021, with a total value of KD 10 million. Did. “Al-Wataniyah Investment Fund was established in 2001 and is considered one of the leading funds in Bursa Kuwait. Its performance outperforms other funds as it is one of the largest funds in Kuwait. The net asset value is KD158 million as of December 31, 2021. The fund offers profitable returns, a solid management team and a clear vision for the future. We invest in stocks of well-performing companies, which has had a significant impact on the fund’s stable cash and bonus distribution levels.” added Al-Humaidi.

excellent fund performance

Al Humaidi also praised the unique performance of the investment fund managed by National Investments Company. This reflects the sound approach, the prudence of the fund management team, the company’s extensive experience and track record in managing investment funds. He also stressed that the company’s investment funds achieved excellent performance and distributed his 2021 cash dividends to investment unit holders registered on March 31, 2022. Started on April 20, 2022.

“The National Investments Company provides a range of services related to wealth management and financial services, and leverages its position as an integrated asset management company that relies on its market presence and customer trust to create innovative financial investments. We follow a prudent investment philosophy while delivering solutions, while pursuing innovation, excellence and competition,” elaborated Al-Humaydi.

Service development

Al Humaidi will focus on developing services and investment products according to the highest international standards of quality and excellence, while NIC maintains its position as a leader in providing investment tools that meet client needs and adapt to the market. Confirmed it was the plan. In this way, we have achieved good growth rates that meet the expectations of our clients.

Al Humaidi commended the efforts of the employees and the continued support by the management, saying that this approach will continue to do so in the future with utmost accuracy and efficiency both locally and locally to maintain the progress and position of the company. Emphasized to continue. Global Banking and Finance is one of the world’s leading platforms, relying on the quantitative and objective criteria in its award rankings and the unmatched depth of data and information of its funds. This ensures the privilege and unique value of this award.

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