The National Police Commissioner, in consultation with Suzulnes Police, has decided to cancel the alert phase that had been in place for the volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It has been three weeks since he detected volcanic activity in the area.

Uncertainty phase declared

On July 30th, an uncertainty phase was declared in Reykjanes after an earthquake swarm rocked the peninsula. Four days later, on August 3, the volcanic eruption began as magma began to erupt from a fissure hundreds of meters long in a lava field near Fagladalfiyar, which had formed in the same location as last year’s eruption. Emergency level was subsequently declared, but downgraded to alert level in light of the relevant circumstances. Smallness of an eruption.

The eruption went through several stages and ceased all activity on Saturday, August 20. Yesterday, the National Police Commissioner, in consultation with the Suðurnes police, decided to cancel the alert and uncertainty phases that had been in place in the region, he reports RÚV. Authorities will continue to monitor the area closely, the Civil Protection and Emergency Management Agency said.

“Invasive activity and earthquakes are expected in Reykjanes over the next few weeks. Residents are advised to secure furniture and other household items to prevent injury and damage to their homes,” said Citizens. Read the press release from the Ministry of Protection and Emergency Management.

The press release also said rangers will be deployed at the eruption site to monitor human traffic. Although dispatched as needed, the presence of police and rescue workers gradually diminishes in the area. Finally, the Civil Protection and Emergency Management Agency emphasizes the dangers of stepping into lava, noting that the crater and hot lava are protected by the Nature Conservation Act.



The report that the alert phase was canceled three weeks after the eruption ended was first published in the Iceland Review.

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