Wimbledon won a large audience, so all eyes were on tennis.

Still, we are watching the stand carefully. The stands were usually full of celebrities enthusiastic about showing off the best outfits for tennis …

Sienna Miller (James Manning / PA)

The pure white dress code applies only to tennis players, but some celebrities use it as an inspiration for the courtside look. Sienna Miller Her signature Noughties Boho style was updated in 2022, wearing a white lace dress fringed with a thick black belt and snakeskin shoes.

Lashana Lynch (James Manning / PA)

Lashana Lynch We also took part in a pure white action, taking advantage of another big trend of the season, crochet. Wearing her Ralph Lauren, she combined a crochet midi dress with a sharp tailored blazer and a sporty trainer.

Duchess and Duchess of Cambridge (Aaron Chaung / Pennsylvania)

There are some famous faces that you always know what you are trying to see at Wimbledon. Duchess of Cambridge It is firmly classified in that category.

Kate is a well-known tennis fan and patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. She took this opportunity to re-wear a bright blue Alessandra rich tea dress with white polka dots.

David Beckham (Adam Davy / Pennsylvania)

David Beckham Is another celebrity who attends Wimbledon almost every year, usually with her mother Sandra.

Beckham’s costumes were typically classy and trendy this year. She is a perfectly tailored Ralph Lauren suit with a double-breasted brown blazer, cream trousers and a striped shirt.

Gemma Chan (Zac Goodwin / PA)

Gemma Chan Create a sporty chic in Wimbledon costumes, wearing a Louis Vuitton green checkerboard mini dress and pairing it with a handbag with a bright yellow coin purse like a tennis ball.

The brand’s website says the green color of the dress “nods to Wimbledon’s well-maintained tennis courts.”

Gugu Mbatha Law (James Manning / PA)

Gugu Mbatha Law Wearing a chic and refreshing navy two-piece, I made a strong case for my trousers at Wimbledon.

Rose Eyring Ellis (Aaron Chaung / Pennsylvania)

Rose Eyring Ellis I enjoyed the day in the Royal Box with my mother, wearing a white blazer on a RIXO pastel floral mini dress.

Mary Berry (Aaron Chaung / Pennsylvania)

Floral has proven to be a strong draw for many at Wimbledon. Mary berry She wears a classic white dress and is adorned with hot pink accessories.

Katherine Jenkins and her husband Andrew Levitas (Aaron Chaung / Pennsylvania)

Katherine Jenkins followed the route of the tea dress, like the Duchess of Cambridge. She wears a blue LK Bennett dress with cornflower print, which the brand says is “inspired by the English countryside.”

Anna Wintour (Aaron Chown / PA)

Some celebrities are big tennis fans and aren’t happy with going to Wimbledon only once. This year, I’m the editor of Vogue. Anna Wintour I was one of those people. This look is a peak winter with a long embroidered coat and her distinctive shades.

Anna Wintour (John Walton / PA)

Winter’s second appearance outfit was a bit surprising, with a brown leather jacket giving her an edge, but big sunglasses that she could trust.

Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley (Aaron Chown / PA)

Tom Daley This year we gave Wimbledon a bit of tailoring sunshine and watched tennis with her husband Dustin Lance Black in a bright yellow suit paired with a pale pink tie.

Ashley Roberts (Aaron Chown / PA)

Ashley Roberts A silky beige mini dress with an asymmetrical cowl neckline and interesting cutouts enhances the sex appeal of tennis.

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