The Meteorological and Geophysical Service (SMG) lowered all tropical storm warning signals at 6:30 pm. This is because Tropical Storm “Maon” entered Guangxi in the afternoon after making landfall on the coast of Maoming city in western Guangdong province.

Between 10:30 pm yesterday (Wednesday) and 11:00 am today (Thursday), Macau signal 8 was in effect and was replaced by signal 3. The tropical storm left the city basically unscathed, with no injuries, with only five minor incidents recorded by civil protection officials.

The flooding was not as severe as expected because the peak of the impact caused by the “storm surge” phenomenon did not coincide with the astronomical tide peak, SMG said.

The Chief of Security, head of a joint operating body that oversees prevention and relief efforts, praised the civil protection team’s efforts, saying the alerts were issued in a timely manner so residents could take preventative measures proactively. rice field. With the understanding and active cooperation of residents, preventive measures have been effectively implemented, as cited in his press release issued by the Civil Protection Operations Center.

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