The young couple said Love Me Do, as former Beatles Paul McCartney was preparing to go to the pyramid stage on Saturday night.

Lara and Elliot Dayeh-Bunce wanted to get married in Glastonbury, but Worthy Farm doesn’t have a wedding license and had to settle to renew their recent vows for legal reasons. ..

Six weeks after getting married, they renewed their solemn declaration at the church in Glastonbury’s tent after the night’s delight when they saw them return to their canvas home at 4:30 am.

Festival participants in front of temporary housing (Yui Mok / PA)
The minister was also a wedding photographer (Yui Mok / PA)
The vow has been updated (Yui Mok / PA)
A happy couple appears (Yui Mok / PA)
Festival attendees during the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm (Bemberchar, PA)

Sir Paul is 80 years old and is the oldest headline act in 50 years of the festival, which began just as the Beatles components began their solo career after the dissolution.

The former Beatles were clearly surprised as they warmed up on Friday with a gig at a nearby Fromm and the audience was asked to disable the phone to prevent secrets from being leaked before arriving at the festival.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg (PA) speaking on the pyramid stage
Festival attendees listen to Greta Thunberg (Yui Mok / PA)

Ukraine was also well represented at this festival months after being invaded by neighboring Russia.

Crowds are watching the Ukrainian group Go_A performing on the John Peel stage at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset’s Worthy Farm (Bemberchar / PA).
Ukrainian Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra gave his first UK gig on the Truth Stage in The Shangri-Las at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset (Yui Mok / PA).

Other acts, including the Eurovision winner Calche Orchestra, had previously performed at the festival before Sir Paul appeared on stage.

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