According to a survey conducted by the Macau New China Youth Association, more than 97% of local graduates are pessimistic about the current prospects for employment in the employment market.

The COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 has had a serious impact on the local economy and the job market continues to deteriorate, said the association’s chairman, Leong Chon Kit, at a press conference today (Tuesday). Said in.

According to the latest report from the National Census Bureau (DSEC), the unemployment rate for local residents during the period from February to April 2022 was 4.5%, which is one of the highest unemployment rates since 2009.

On the other hand, the workforce looking for a first job accounts for 6.2% of the total unemployed, showing an increase of 0.3 percentage points.

According to the survey results released today, more than 55.3% of respondents believed that it would take at least six months after graduation to find a “satisfactory” job in Macau.

New graduates are at a disadvantage in the labor market, with 95% of respondents saying that the current recession makes it difficult to find a job in Macau. This is the result of a graduate employment demand survey from 2020 to 2022. The association revealed.

A survey of students who have graduated in the last three years shows that lack of jobs, lack of suitable jobs in the market, overall recession, and inadequate wages are the biggest challenges for graduates. Is shown. -Seek process.

A board member of the association told MNA that the average monthly salary for graduates is about MOP 16,000 (US $ 1980), depending on the year of graduation and the level of the diploma.

“People who graduate early with some work experience are generally aware of the actual workplace situation, so salary expectations are generally low, but they received higher education such as master’s degree graduates. People expect higher salary expectations, expecting 20,000 MOP per month, “Leon emphasized.

Leong also said that only one-third of survey respondents found full-time positions, while other respondents had part-time jobs or were still unemployed.

On the other hand, only about 30% of respondents participated in employment support services provided by governments, schools and local organizations, and the most effective support measure considered by young people is that the government pays on behalf of businesses. You can pay the department.

Regarding job motivation in the Greater Bay Area, a survey shows that 51% of graduates are willing to work in the mainland GBA cities, and salaries and living expenses are the most important factors to consider.

In addition, the association’s vice president, Lao Cho Chung, suggested at a press conference that the SAR government should establish a special online platform for youth employment services.

Laos said the platform will provide career guidance services to young people, including displaying employment information from governments, offering free livestreaming courses for industry and talent consultants, and providing one-on-one online consultation sessions for young people. I said I can provide it. ..

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