AM Vest confirmed financial strength rating [FSR] of [Excellent] And long-term issuer credit ratings [Long-Term ICR] Of “a” [Excellent] Lion Reinsurance Company [Lion Re] [Bermuda]..Outlook for these credit ratings [ratings] It’s stable.

According to a rating agency statement, “Lion Re is a subsidiary of ASSA Compañía Tenedora, SA. [ASSA Tenedora] Ultimately owned by GrupoASSA, SA [Grupo ASSA]A financial services holding company listed on the Panama Stock Exchange.

“The assessment reflects the strength of LionRe’s balance sheet, which AMBest considers to be very strong, and its adequate operational performance, limited business profile, and adequate corporate risk management.

“Lion Re is a Bermuda-based reinsurance company that bears property, liability, marine and group life risks from ASSA Tenedora and its affiliates. [short term], Health and other businesses. AM Best recognizes the strategic role Lion Re is trying to achieve in the Group’s overall regional strategy. However, Lion Re’s business profile is considered restricted when compared to other commercial reinsurance companies, given market accessibility.

“Lion Re’s continued expansion of its capital base helps to assess risk-adjusted capitalization at the strongest levels, as measured by the best capital adequacy ratio. [BCAR]While continuing to play an important role in ASSA Tenedora’s strategy, it is consolidating its operations in Central America by providing reinsurance capabilities.

“LionRe’s good performance is due to its partnership with affiliated insurers in Central America and GrupoASSA, which provides synergies, operational efficiency and warranty support. To improve, we are consistently reviewing our underwriting guidelines. Investment returns based on conservative strategies continue to support LionRe’s performance, but the company does not rely on these returns and achieves the end results. You can raise it.

“AMBest does not anticipate positive valuation behavior, although Lion Re’s strategic role within the group and its parental support guarantees maintain the strongest level of risk-adjusted capital and are currently It remains a top priority for rating. Factors that can lead to negative rating actions include significant capital losses that reduce risk-adjusted capital to levels that do not support the rating, or strategic importance. Includes a drop. “


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