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Visionary tech geeks and electronic music geniuses, Futuregrapher have released not one but two world-class ambient and electronic albums. ‘Geirþjófsfjörður’ (the fjord of Geirþjófur) and ‘Grænar Baunir’ (kidney beans) may not seem like the obvious names for cutting-edge experimental electronic albums, but Futuregrapher is always full of surprises. increase. Icelandic genre. We asked Futuregrapher Árni Grétar to walk us through the album track by track.

Geirþjófsfjörður released on Neotantra

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ain manna
I’m lonely sometimes Writing sad songs can make you miss people and places. It’s only for a moment, so you won’t get depressed later. Missing something is good.

I have always had strong feelings for the Icelandic countryside, and the name Guhdalur might translate to Valley of Steam in English. Also been there when she was younger as her grandmother worked there. magical place.

I love sleep/dreams. my dreams are vivid Also, I often go to bed with music on, which lifts my mood.

Salal Flak
I believe my body has a soul. My body is like a machine or a temple. And we believe that our soul can travel without a physical body.

I have created many DX7 tracks and this one is the longest. And includes a field recording from the coast of Drangsnes where the bird Tjaldur visits me.

Grænar Baunir released on Móatún 7

Gral Baunir
A friend of mine from America laughed when he saw the canned food labeled ‘Yellow Beans’. “It’s just corn!” But I remember these cans vividly from my family’s kitchen at his Móatún 7 in Tálknafjörður.

beauty of trill
Contains an example of Wolf talking to Jadzia Dax. Jadzia Dax was on her Trill and I had the same crush on her as I did on her Wolf. I watch Star Trek every week.

stein beetle
When I worked at the Þórsberg (fishing factory) or as a boat crew, my life was a catfish. It’s a song written for them—all catfish.

Patrexfjordur DX7
It’s my other fjord. There is a piece of land inherited from her mother. she grew up there. The DX7 is her one of my favorite synthesizers. I have done many things over the years.

Ranalgata 23
This is where my friend and mentor Bjössi “Biogen” used to live. We spent many wonderful nights there. I miss him, but I know he is here with us and lives in our world with his music. it is forever. This track was recorded by his younger brother Gunnar Sumali while he was sleeping at home. He was talking to my boy Joy and recorded this as they chatted.

This song was written with the TX81Z synth. The title comes from seeing the team Arsenal beat Valencia in the European semi-finals and recording the track afterwards. Emotions and moods can be high after a sporting event, so turn it into music or art.

S3200 Ghost
I’m working on a sample with a hardware sampler and I’m starting to hear ghosts on my machine. The soul of the sample comes to life. This is the title. My main sampler is an AKAI S3200 and this was recorded to it.

Glenor Baunir
My Favorites. Granal Baunir can be eaten with a spoon. great stuff. When I was younger, it was important as a side dish to my mother’s steak. The artwork is an artistic ode to Can, her one of my favorite bands.

Written after reviewing Star Trek DS9. Bajoran is the home of his Bajoran people and one of my favorite characters he is Bajoran. I empathize with them in many ways.

Contains a sample from a radio interview in which my great-grandfather Sveinn Jónsson and my great-grandmother were talking about elves and ghosts. He lived with my family on the land I now own. I never met him. But he loved Icelandic cigarettes as much as I do.

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