On July 11, 1612, British settlers arrived in Bermuda on a ship called a “plow” and founded the town of St. George. To commemorate the 410th anniversary of the event, St. George will be on Monday afternoon, July 11th.

A representative of the St. George’s Stakeholders Committee, the group of business owners who hosted the event, explained: We are pleased to be able to invigorate this event and host other cultural activities as part of our ongoing efforts to improve what people experience when they come to St. George. “

“A few months ago, the group made a plan to beautify the town and host a cultural event, and shared this plan with many organizations and government leaders. The Commission recently joined the Bermuda Tourism Board. And funded by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation. St. George’s Corporation also provides support for the new reproductions being developed by Cirqle Circus and Long Story Short.

“‘Plow Day’ launches the’Heritage Festival’series on Monday and Thursday afternoons during the summer. The highlights of the’Plow Day’event on July 11 are:

  • Free access to historic sites from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm [donations welcome!]
    • Belmdian Heritage Museum
    • Carter House Museum and Settlers Caben
    • Fort St. Catherine
    • Grove Hotel Museum [Bermuda National Trust property]
    • Mitchell House St. George’s Historical Society Museum
    • Their Majesty Chapel, Church of St. Peter
    • Tucker House Historian and Museum [Bermuda National Trust property]
  • Special presentation by author and archaeologist Dr. Michael Jarvis at the Globe Hotel Museum in the Bermuda National Trust
  • “Royal Connection” Tour at His Majesty’s Chapel in St. Peter’s Church
  • Musicians, artists, tarots
  • Historical figures and storytelling
  • Special activities in stores and restaurants

“There’s also a $ 10 shuttle that provides transportation to the Carter House Museum in Fort St. Catherine and St. David so people can visit these important historic sites. See the full schedule in the event poster. please give me.

“As a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bermuda, it is important to promote and celebrate the incredible history of our town, and also to be a modern and vibrant place.

“In planning the event, we wanted to make sure that there was something fun and interesting for everyone visiting St. George, including Bermuda residents from other parts of the island, summer camp students, and tourists. I hope everyone spreads the word for this special event and comes to the East End. “

“In addition to the event, the group has been working on some coveted aesthetic projects around the town. The landlord has to deal with abandoned properties, newspapers and wooden windows, and other annoying things. Hopefully, you can’t force anyone to improve their space, and access. Using our own creativity, volunteer efforts, and the funding pledge we’ve just received. , Public art, greenery, paintings, shading, signs, and many other initiatives are underway. “

“The St. George Stakeholders Committee welcomes your support. For more information, you can contact this Volunteer Committee at stgeorgesbermuda@gmail.com. The town of St. George is a true gem. , We are proud to work together and allow people to experience what makes our city special. “

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