The Irish Festival will break the world’s largest disco ball record this Saturday.

The largest 90s-00s disco festival in Punch’s Town will break the world record as it lifts an 11-meter-high globe into the air tomorrow night.

The Irish company Spectrum Productions has produced balls that exceed the current world record of 10.33 meters. The ball was lifted into the air and spun at the Bestival Festival in England in 2014.

With over 1,500 mirror tiles, the new disco ball will be lifted into the air in front of 15,000 disco fans at 10 pm on Saturday night. Audiences enjoy the music of the 1990s and 2000s on three stages of the festival.

According to the festival organizers, this moment will be “one of the most Instagram-worthy moments of summer.”

This event is the first festival of the biggest disco since 2019 and features some of the biggest acts of the 1990s and 2000s, including 2 Unlimited, Basshunter, Vengaboys, Gala and Paul Oakenfold.

Tickets for € 71.51 can be purchased at Eventbrite for events over the age of 18. Also, due to the schedule of buses from all over the country, there is a festive ruckus directly at the festival gate at night.

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