Singapore-Laundry was hanging outside the three-room apartment for a week.

What the neighbors knew about a private mother-son pair who lived in an apartment on the fifth floor of Block 85 in the Commonwealth Close was a deviation from everyday life.

On Tuesday afternoon (June 21st), a 54-year-old man, allegedly his son, was found dead in his apartment.

According to the Chinese publication ShinMin Daily News, he died for about a week while his mother in her 80s was sad.

“Leather shoes also remained dry in the sun for a whole week, but he never took them in. That I thought was strange,” said Boey Sook Kam, 68, a resident on the fifth floor, Wednesday. I told The Straits Times that afternoon.

A part-time cleaner who lives with his son and husband said that a man about 1.8 meters tall hangs his laundry around 8:30 am every morning.

Occasionally she will see him leave the apartment and come back with food and groceries.

His mother came out of the apartment to water her plants in the hallway.

Sim Min reported that police had to call a locksmith to enter the apartment because his mother did not react to knocking on the door.

When police managed to break in, they heard mourning and reportedly found the man lying on the floor of the living room.

MsBoey, who has lived in her apartment for 27 years, said both her mother and son protected herself and avoided interacting with her neighbors.

She added that she sometimes caught a foul odor while walking in the elevator lobby over the past two days, but didn’t think about it at all.

Most other residents on the same floor, and above and below, told The Straits Times that when six police cars and ambulances arrived at the block on Tuesday afternoon, nothing was wrong and they only knew about death. Told.

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