The third day of Macau’s week-long partial blockade ended with a hefty ruling for a local man smoking outside and news of the city’s fourth Covid-19-related death.

The first criminal handed over to court to ignore regulations introduced to fight the outbreak of Omicron variants was sentenced to five months in prison, suspended for two years, and fined MOP 10,000. I was fined.

A single police spokesman, Jung Kin Ian, said 588 people were warned today and a total of six were arrested and charged.

Macau’s latest Covid-19-related death was a 94-year-old woman with a heart problem who was in close contact with a confirmed case. Health officials said only two of the four people who died so far have been vaccinated.

According to the latest figures, Macau currently handles 1,615 confirmed Covid-19 cases, but 43 were discharged today.

Healthcare professionals are following up on 20,000 cases, and four positive pooled samples were discovered during today’s mass testing. The Casa Real Hotel was classified in the Red Code Zone because it has three staff members living in the dormitory and tested positive. Three staff members were also positive in Venetian Macao, so staff members need to undergo a daily nucleic acid test.

Summarizing the day and responding to the claims of the Hong Kong Minister of Health No need to copy mainland China antivirus policyLeong Iek Hou, who leads the prevention and management of infectious diseases The Department of Health said: Macau also has the freedom to choose plans and campaigns to combat the virus.

“We have recorded good results so far. The risk is small, but we do not know the cause or cause of the virus. Confirmed cases have still been found in the community. That is, they have not been found yet. There is a silent transmission chain.

“The situation isn’t good. It’s getting better, but people need to keep up with all the measures the government wants them to do to fight the virus. And it can spread very quickly. You need to be careful because there is, otherwise the confirmed cases can be doubled in a short time.

“If we don’t take the measures we require, the numbers can grow, which makes it difficult to control the growth of the virus.

“When it comes to helping with household chores, it’s important to take a break and negotiate with your employer to reduce your activity at home.”

Two more mobile buses will be arranged in the ninth round of the mass test. One is Macau Anglican College and the other is Escola Sekundaria Puiva Secamprimaria Einfantil (10 am on 14th July, 6am on 15th July).

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