Andrew Garfield has said he’s “plagued by misconceptions” surrounding method acting, saying the process is about “living honestly”.

The 39-year-old Spider-Man actor says people who claimed the practice was “bullshit” didn’t know what it was, and had a “wild and trippy experience” while preparing for the role.

On Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, he said:

“People still act like that, but that doesn’t mean being an asshole to everyone on set.

“In reality, you can honestly live under the circumstances you imagined and at the same time be really nice to your crew, be a normal human being, drop in when you need to and stay there when you want to stay.

He continued:

“If you’re saying it’s bullshit, or if you’ve just worked with someone who claims to be a method actor but doesn’t actually perform method at all, you have to know what method acting is. think.

“It’s also very private. I think it’s a process… I don’t want people to see how the sausage is made, my toilet pipe.”

Talking about his preparations for Martin Scorsese’s 2016 film Silence, he revealed that he had fasted and abstained from sex for six months.

“It was really cool,” he said.

“During that period, I had a pretty wild and trippy experience of being hungry for sex and food.”

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