Angelina Jolie “tried to harm” her ex-husband Brad Pitt to sell her co-owned vineyard stake to Russian oligarchs, a new legal document claims.

The sale helped the actor initiate a “hostile” takeover of the “carefully constructed” wine business, forcing a partnership with “a stranger with toxic relationships and intentions.”

Former Hollywood power couples purchased control of the French company Chateau Miraval SA, which consists of homes and vineyards in southern France, in 2008.

A lawyer representing Fight Club stars said the business has grown into a “millions of dollars of international success story” under his control, even though Jolly “contributed nothing”. I did.

A former Hollywood power couple purchased control of the French company Chateau Miraval SA, which consists of homes and vineyards in southern France, in 2008 (Dominic Lipinski / PA).

According to the proceedings, Jolly sold his stake to a Luxembourg-based spirits maker controlled by Russian oligarch Yuri Scheffler without Pitt’s knowledge.

A document submitted last week and obtained by PA News Agency said, “Jolly tried to harm Pitt through the intention of selling.”

“Jolly knew and intended that Chefler and his affiliates would manage Pitt’s business and try to undermine Pitt’s investment in Mirabal.”

“It’s notorious for its innovative business tactics and suspicious professional associations,” Chefler added, adding that his relationship “has jeopardized the reputation of a very carefully constructed brand pit.”

“This is all a direct result of Jolly’s illegal and unlawful conduct.”

“In breach of the agreement between the parties, Jolly sought to force Pitt to partner with strangers, or worse, with toxic relationships and intentional strangers.”

Mirabal Estate is located in the village of Corin in southeastern France and was purchased by a couple for around € 25 million (£ 20,875,500).

According to legal documents obtained by PA News Agency, Pitt paid 60% of the purchase price and Jolly paid the remaining 40%.

The lawyer also said that the property’s wine business continued to thrive, “she benefited from Mirabal’s success, but Jolly was not involved in these efforts.”

She filed for divorce in 2016.

Jolly reportedly informed Pitt of her decision to sell to Chefler in January 2021 and said she had reached a “heartfelt and painful decision.”

Pitt’s lawyer demanded a jury trial.

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