Anthony McPartlin, in honor of Father Dermot Donnelly after his death at the age of 55, said he was “the kindest and wisest person I know.”

He is a Catholic priest and brother of Declan Donnelly, McPartlin’s presentation partner, died in a hospital on Friday with a short illness.

TV star McPartlin, 46, wrote on Twitter: Rest at ease with my friends. You will never be forgotten.

“My thoughts, prayers, and love are with your wonderful family.

“The world has lost a special person. XA.”

The Diocese of Hexem and Newcastle first announced the news that Father Dermot had died on Friday afternoon, and Declan, 46, paid tribute to his brother shortly thereafter.

He wrote on Twitter:

“We are all beyond devastation.

“Thank you for your sympathy and support message, they thank DD.”

In 2015, Father Dermot attended the wedding of Ali Astar and his brother in Newcastle at a star-studded ceremony.

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A statement from the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle states:

“This was a big shock to all of us.

“Pray for the peace of his soul, and keep his family, especially his mother, in your prayers during this difficult time.”

Father Dermot recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of his parish and community service. There he was best known for his work with youth and the Ministry of Youth.

He was a member of the priesthood of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Stanley, Durham.

Hexham and Newcastle Bishop Robert Burn said, “He will be terribly missed because of his energy, enthusiasm, and ability to interact with everyone who meets him.”


Father Dermot Donnelly took office at the wedding of his younger brother Declan and Ali Astar (PA).

He added:

“He really lived his faith, and in doing so gave so much to others.

“I am very grateful that we remember him and everything he gave him selflessly.”

Bishop Robert said that when Father Dermot was born and raised in the Diocese of Hexam and Newcastle, he and his extended family were well known to the local community.

“Our prayers and condolences should be directed at those who are very strong and sad at this point,” he added.

Catholic parishes of Stanley, Dipton, and Bayermua also shared the news and asked the parishioners to “pray for the peace of his soul.”

The group announced on Thursday that Father Dermot was “very sick” at the hospital and asked for prayer for him.

A similar message was posted on the Facebook page of the Pontop Partnership, a group of 10 Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.

Following the news of his death, the people who knew him and worked with him shared a loving compliment to social media.

During his career, Father Dermot was a supporter of the Charity The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (Cafod), the official aid agency for the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Monica Conmee, Head of Education at Cafod, pays homage to Father Dermott on behalf of the charity: The life of everyone.

“Father Dermot chose to stand in the light, and through his immense talent and gifts, generously guides thousands of young people to experience God’s love and light in their lives. , Encouraged to share this with others.

“The unforgettable moment of the summit for so many young Catholics was the event of fire at Wembley Arena, in which Dermot was the light and driving force of guidance.

“It is a great honor to work closely with Father Dermot to hear the voices of the poor and the most vulnerable.

“Father Dermot will shine forever brightly.

“May the angels greet one of them.”

In 2014, Father Dermot appeared in Songs Of Praise with CBBC’s hacker T-Dog to answer questions about the church sent by CBBC viewers.

St. Joseph’s Church in Stanley will meet at 6 pm on July 8th to pray for Father Dermot.

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