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YouTube personality Stephen Lim revealed in a podcast that he sold the Housing Development Board (HDB) for a flat and invested S$300,000 in SingPost shares.

Lim, 45, opted for a zero portfolio diversification approach, putting “eggs in one basket.”

“I recently sold a house, made a profit, and combined a house that was already on the stock market into one share.

When asked what the stock was, Lim replied, “Just between you and me, oh, SingPost, lah.”

The interviewer asked, “Have you been all on SingPost?”

This is when Lim admitted to investing nearly S$300,000 in all in SingPost.

In another part of the interview, Lim said he bought 450,000 for S$0.65 each, which amounts to S$292,500.

The stock reached S$0.73 in late April/early May 2022, benefiting Lim, but is now down S$0.62, down around S$13,500.

However, Lim explained that he is in it for the long term.

“If I didn’t have strong convictions, I wouldn’t have given S$300,000.”

He added that he only has one goal in mind… the final take, the endgame. ”

Lim also boasted that he could retire at any time, though this wasn’t the first time he’d made such a claim. “Honestly, right now, he won’t even be able to work for years.”

“If I choose to eat, it’s actually Din Tai Fung or Hai Dilao, and I can eat two people in a row every day for 16 years,” said Lim, who has already done the math./TISG


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