On Monday, Apple introduced future tweaks to the software that powers more than a billion iPhones and announced the first two laptops available for the company’s next-generation microprocessors.

As always, Apple spends most of the first day of its annual developer conference on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs, rather than sophisticated devices that have established themselves as technology trendsetters and the most valuable companies in the world. Spent to promote the next version of software for computers. ..

The next iPhone operating system, called iOS 16, will redefine the appearance of the device’s lock screen and make almost minor improvements to current software. Software updates have become increasingly important in recent years as iPhone owners have begun to retain existing devices for longer than before.

One of the most notable differences in iOS 16 occurs on the iPhone lock screen. With the new software released as a free download this fall, users can lock their favorite apps as small widgets on the lock screen.

The new software can also display live notifications on the lock screen. For example, Uber’s boarding status on the way to pick up passengers. Other approved notifications arrive from the bottom of the screen, not from the top, to avoid cluttering the display.

The iPhone’s messaging system has been revamped to allow you to edit the text after it’s been sent, or undo the entire text if the sender’s mind changes. These options are only available if both users are using Apple’s messaging app for text messages.

The Apple Pay service, which is part of the iPhone’s digital wallet, is adding new funding features that are likely to be popular, as rising inflation puts more pressure on households. This option allows consumers to stagger the cost of purchases made through Apple Pay in four installments completed within 6 weeks at no additional charge.

Similar funding is already being provided through digital services such as Affirm, whose stock price fell by more than 5% on Monday after news about Apple Pay was announced.

Some of the new features on Apple’s Mac and iPad are designed to easily sync with your iPhone, such as for video calls. Other tools allow you to run more apps side by side and perform multiple tasks on the same screen.

Helping people switch from one Apple device to another is the main reason the company started building Macs in late 2020 that run on the same kind of chips that power iPhones and iPads. It is one of.

Apple is now incorporating next-generation Mac chips into two of its most popular laptops, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. According to the company, these will be available in stores at some point next month. The MacBook Air sells for $ 1,200 and the MacBook Pro sells for $ 1,300.

The event was held at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

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