Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhone on Wednesday, and the “always-on” display is widely touted as a major upgrade.

The announcement is expected to introduce the iPhone 14 Pro and the cheaper iPhone 14, which will come in regular and large sizes respectively.

However, reports suggest that the cheaper model may include the same series of processors already used in the iPhone 13 (Apple’s A15 Bionic chip), so no noticeable performance difference. Not likely.

There are suggestions that the new Apple Watch could introduce a low power mode to attract consumers using Fitbit and Garmin. (Alamy/PA)

Instead, the latest handsets are rumored to include always-on displays, allowing users to see the time and other basic notifications while the screen is locked.

Apple is suffering from an ongoing shortage of computer chips, impacting pricing and development across the industry.

The Apple Watch also typically gets an upgrade in the fall, and there are suggestions that new models could include low-power modes introduced to win over consumers using Fitbit and Garmin.

Ru Bhikha, Head of Mobile at Uswitch, said: A flatter camera array.

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“Improved battery life is at the top of the wish list for people looking to buy their next iPhone, and fortunately for them, Apple is offering larger capacity phones and You may be about to announce a new technology for

“The latest handsets are rumored to have always-on displays, putting the iPhone on par with competitors who have been using this feature for years. Users can still see the time and other basic notifications while the screen is locked.”

“iPhone users are a loyal bunch, but cost is more important than ever and will be a key factor in influencing the next model’s traction. Nearly half say they want a cheaper price. The opposite could happen, as Apple’s high-end devices are expected to see the biggest chipset upgrades, and traditionally the cheapest version, the iPhone Mini, will be discontinued.”

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