Appleby partners Vanessa Schrum and Hannah Tildesley, as well as Senior Associate Caljonah Smith, are preparing to speak at the Transcontinental Trusts: Bermuda 2022 conference.

A spokeswoman said: “Appleby has become a Gold Sponsor of the Transcontinental Trusts: Bermuda 2022 Conference at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club from June 29th to July 1st.

“Partners Vanessa Schrum and Hannah Tildesley, and Senior Associate Caljonah Smith are the speakers of this event.

“A three-day trust meeting typically brings together more than 70 speakers and 150 representatives from around the world each year, which borders in providing solutions to the most complex private client issues. The aim is to take an approach that goes beyond.

“On June 30, Vanessa will participate in a panel discussion entitled” Bermuda: Women and Wealth, “and Hannah will co-present the topic” Reviewing Offshore Trust Judgments. ” On July 1st, Caljonah will co-present in a lecture called “Next Generation Trust Experts”.

“Vanessa is Group Head of Applebee’s Private Clients and Trusts division in Bermuda. She has a wide range of trusts and trusts, including Bermuda’s private and commercial trust structure, PTC use, and complex and large-scale real estate management. He has extensive experience in real estate planning issues.

“Hannah is a member of Appleby’s dispute resolution team in Bermuda. She specializes in international commercial proceedings, with a particular focus on controversial trust disputes, banking and funding proceedings, and director and shareholder disputes. I am.

“Caljonah is part of Appleby’s Private Client & Trusts team in Bermuda. Her main areas of business include advice to individuals, corporate trustees and private trust companies, as well as real estate planning and management advice. Includes advice on all areas of non-controversial trust issues, down to. “

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