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The Directorate General of Audit shall investigate whether the current and former 500 representatives of the Norwegian Parliament (Storting) have used different financial schemes in Storting in accordance with the rules.

Use of commuting housing, severance pay, repayment of travel expenses, etc. are managed.

The survey dates back to 2009 and applies to Storting representatives and their agents who have participated in Storting for more than 100 days.

This means that approximately 500 representatives using one or more financial schemes will be included in the survey.

“On behalf of Parliament, you have the country’s most important position of trust. It imposes particularly high demands on individuals. Therefore, a high degree of transparency is especially important,” said the Audit & Supervisory Board Member. Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen said in a press release.

In addition, the Directorate General of Audit will investigate whether Storting and the Storting administration manage the scheme in accordance with the rules, and whether there are weaknesses in internal control.

Results will be announced during the first quarter of 2023.

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