According to the recently released Retail Sales Index, after adjusting for retail sales inflation measured at 4.5% in April, the overall retail sales volume is 14.2% compared to April 2021. Increased.

A government spokesperson said: “Today, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Labor released the April 2022 Retail Sales Index. April retail sales increased 14.2% compared to last year. On a monetary basis, retail sales are estimated at 101 million. Increased to dollars.

Charts extracted from the report:

“Sales volume increased by 1.7% compared to the pre-pandemic period of April 2019, with five sectors growing in April 2022.

“Apparel store sales increased 264.7%, reflecting increased spending by residents due to deregulation of Covid-19 and the absence of a temporary closure in April 2022. This sales increased in 2019. It was 30.1% below the annual sales.

“Car dealership sales increased 112.7% due to higher unit sales compared to the previous year. This sales level exceeded pre-pandemic sales in April 2019 by 26.7%.

“Building material store sales increased by 51.9%, due to the absence of temporary closures and the relaxation of Covid-19-related regulations this year. Sales volume in this sector is 2019. It exceeded the sales level by 28.2%.

“Gas station sales increased 32.6% from last year, 3.0% below pre-pandemic 2019 sales.

“In all other sectors, sales increased compared to the previous year.

“All other store type sectors [comprising stores selling household items, furniture, appliances, electronics, pharmaceuticals and tourist-related goods]Sales increased by 21.0%, mainly from jewelery and tourism-related products. Sales in this sector were 10.3% below pre-pandemic sales in April 2019.

“In the other two sectors, sales volume decreased compared to the previous year.

“Grocery sales were down 12.6%, but liquor store sales were down 8.7%. Grocery sales were up 1.0% compared to pre-pandemic sales in 2019. However, liquor store sales increased by 5.2%.

“Overseas Declarations increased 14.1% compared to April 2021 and 47.8% in the pre-pandemic period, which is primarily influenced by returnees via the airport.”

The full publications of the April 2022 Retail Sales Index are: [PDF here]:

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