A couple captured by a camera in a viral road rage video were arrested by Malaysian police on Friday (July 15).

Rahmat Bin Ariffin, Chief of District Police, IskandarPuteriJohor, said in a statement published on Facebook:

The suspect is believed to be unhappy because her car was blocked and rubbed during the incident. “

A video of the incident on Saturday (July 9) was posted on the Facebook pages of SG Road Vigilante – SGRV and Complaint Singapore during heavy traffic on the second drink between Singapore and Malaysia.

It shows that the woman successfully blocked the black Toyota Alphard with her body with one hand and removed the vehicle license plate before throwing it on the windshield.

She looked angry when a red Kia car was scratched by Toyota during traffic while the black car was changing lanes.

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Complaint Singapore

Strait times reported on July 10 that a woman had been wanted by Malaysian police for committing mischief.

The man who shared the video online is 25-year-old Muhammed Haziq. His family was in a black Toyota where a woman stopped and tried to throw a license plate, even though she wasn’t with them during the incident.

His parents and two sisters were in the car.

After the woman threw the tantalum, a young man, believed to be his son, rushed to his mother. He was caught in a video raising his middle finger to a black Toyota driver.

The young man was driving a Kia car.

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Complaint Singapore

Since the incident, information and photos of a woman who physically blocked Mr. Muhammad’s family car have been shared online...

The police said The Straits Times A report has been submitted for the reported doxing.

Doxxing occurs when people “usually maliciously search for and publish personal or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet.”


After the angry woman on the path of the virus is said to be throbbing; the man who posted the video urges the netizens to stop harassing

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