Published August 25, 2022

Myrkfælni Presents: Rex Pistols, Guðir Hins Nýja Tíma, ROHT, Svartþoka – Live at Gaukurinn
August 26th 20:00 – Gaukerinn – 2000 kr.

It’s chaos, it’s joyful darkness, it’s a dreamy glitter wave. Seriously, I’m not quite sure what this means, but it sounds like a fun if not confusing time. If not, it might be worth going just for the experience. This is the last performance by Rex Pistols after his six-year synth-punk stardom, so it’s sure to be something very special. EL

Kjass – Release Concert
August 27th 21:00 – Mengi – 4.500 kr.

Ever since singer-songwriter Kjass released his new single “Bleed’n’Blend” last month, we’ve been waiting for the chance to hear it live. Now, finally! Check out her Kjass performing this and more from her recent album in the heart of Reykjavik, Mengi. are you crazy? we’re in a frenzy EL

Art exhibition “Moods” by HAFMEYJA
August 25-28 – Núllið Gallerý (opening party on 25th at 17:00)

Calling all art fans! Courtesy of HAFMEYJA, here’s your chance to experience a world where abstract art and cartoons collide. Not surprisingly, an artist with a name that means “mermaid” is whimsical, mysterious, and in every way captivating. HAFMEYJA will be attending her 4-day exhibition, so get ready to dive into her alternate world and stroll her wild side while feeling the ‘mood’ of her art in real time. EL

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