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Kuwait: The Boushehri Art Gallery premiered an exhibition entitled “Art is Life” on Monday. The exhibition featured more than 50 works by his more than 14 artists from 6 different nationalities. Mohamed He Ali, head of the ‘Breath he is Creativity’ team, thanked Boucheri his gallery for hosting the exhibition and encouraging a team of international artists. “The ‘Breathe Creativity’ team started when artists were doing workshops to bring together different art cultures. He won first place,” Ali said.

Artists taking a group photo.

“The goal of the team was to develop the artist’s skills and plan for the future to help them achieve their goals and artistic dreams. It was about being able to reach the level of a good artist,” Ali added.

Japanese Ambassador to Kuwait Yasunari Morino expressed his surprise at the exhibition. “It wasn’t what I expected, but I was really surprised and surprised to see so many innovative and creative female artists in the Middle East. said.

One of the artists, Farida Yahya from the UAE, was thrilled with the exhibition in Kuwait and looks forward to many more in the future. “My painting aims to display the Gulf Cooperation Council and our heritage in the United Arab Emirates, in particular the painting of the Peregrine Falcon, a famous symbol of the Gulf Cooperation Council culture. It represents the history of the UAE since its founding and its dedication to leadership and history,” Yahya told the Kuwait Times.

A generic photo showing guests in the gallery.

Another UAE artist, Alia Bin Ali, told the Kuwait Times: My paintings are mostly acrylic and I like to incorporate the colors blue and white which represent hope and ambition. In my horse painting, I could feel the horse’s hooves as I was painting. I am also passionate about architecture and I have taken particular care to capture every detail of my favorite building, the Burj Her Khalifa,” Bin She Ali added.

Yasunari Morino, Ambassador of Japan to Kuwait, visited the gallery.

“This is my third solo exhibition as Breathe Creativity. First in the UAE, then in Bahrain. Thankfully, the exhibition was well received,” team leader Amal Al-Mutairi told the Kuwait Times. rice field. The exhibition was packed with artists and art lovers on its first day. The exhibition will be open to the public at the Buscheri Art Gallery from August 16th to September 15th.

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