The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) is calling on the public to refrain from calling the 995 Emergency Hotline except in emergencies. This is because the Singapore Civil Defense Force receives about 760 calls daily.

According to the SCDF, the continued increase in emergency medical service (EMS) calls can delay ambulance response to the general public, especially in the case of low-severity medical accidents.

The average number of EMS calls before the Covid-19 pandemic was about 550. This increased to about 760 calls per day on average during the first week of July, with a maximum of 810, SCDF said in a Facebook post on July 8.

Photo: FB screen grab / SCDF

SCDF closely monitors the situation and takes steps to manage the increase in EMS calls.

Optimize and coordinate ambulance deployments, deploy in areas with high ambulance call rates, and prioritize response to critical life-threatening emergency care.

“Patients who are assessed by the SCDF Emergency Medical Institution as having a non-urgent medical condition will not be taken to the hospital,” SCDF said.

The general public is urged to refrain from calling 995 if they are not suffering from a life-threatening or urgent medical condition.

“By doing so, SCDF can continue to provide rapid communication to those in need of our urgent medical condition.” / TISG

Photo: FB screen grab / SCDF

SCDF responds to a woman’s claim that 995 phone operators hung up and showed “incompetence, lack of urgency, stupidity.”

As the number of Post SCDF: 995 calls continues to grow, the public may be delayed in answering ambulances. Dial 995 only in case of an emergency and receive about 760 calls a day.

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