When I was in fifth grade, I was told that the annual Christmas show would be different from that year. As the nativity was over, there were too many congratulations. No baby Jesus, a manger, or a man in a red suit. Instead, we paid homage to the so-called Land of Freedom, the celebration of Americana. The show features Disney melodies, children desperately dancing to the “Toutin” show tunes of country and western routines, and beloved TV show characters. Speculation about the cast list was intense and was discussed in detail at the school playground.

One day, after a short break, I was called to the principal’s office. She told me I was supposed to play an important role in the show. “We have decided that you will play that role,” she stopped dramatically and stared at her glasses, the “Big Bird.” My heart sank. Big bird.I wanted to play the bell beauty and the beastNot a mappet.

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