Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), all SAR residents will be required to have a Covid rapid antigen test round, and there are currently no plans for a second city-wide nucleic acid test. The Health Department announced today (Tuesday).

The rapid antigen test is a rapid diagnostic test suitable for point-of-care tests that directly detect the presence or absence of antigens, and three are offered to everyone who participated in the recent city-wide test drive.

Citizens need to self-test using the covid Rapid Antigen Kit, but people living in high-risk areas are still subject to nucleic acid testing. Details of the placement will be announced later, Director of Health, Alvis Lo Iek, presented at today’s daily pandemic update press conference.

The director of health emphasized that the risk of pandemic epidemics could be increased due to the large number of people gathering when conducting nucleic acid tests throughout the city, and the government took a rapid antigen test approach to balance the risks. I chose to adopt it.

The number of Covid cases identified at the afternoon press conference increased to 49, with 15 presenting symptoms and the other 34 temporarily classified as asymptomatic.

Forty-nine positive cases were divided into two transmission link groups, 28 in the non-local worker group, 19 in the prison group, and 2 in the epidemiological investigation.

So far, a total of 49 confirmed cases, 304 close contacts, 164 quasi-close contacts, 1229 people with the same itinerary route, 51 general contacts, and 35 selected people. 2,142 people were placed under surveillance by health authorities. Accompany people under surveillance.

Meanwhile, Law said authorities are investigating the cause of the pandemic, but it has not yet been discovered.

“The mainland example often tells us that we can’t find the source in the end,” Lo says. “Currently, the most important thing is to track close relationships to reduce the risk of infection in the community. Even if it is classified as positive, everyone goes out to prevent the virus from infecting others. Need to reduce the time. “

Dr. Leong Iek Hou said at a press conference that more than 300 children had to be placed for medical observation, all accompanied by a legal guardian, a new coronavirus response and coordination center coordinator.

Some students at Sacred Heart Kanosian College Kindergarten and Hokon High School were placed under medical observation for links to confirmed cases.

Dr. Leong added that people who visited the same place where the confirmed cases stayed 15 minutes before and 15 minutes later would have their health code turned yellow.

The Macau Health Code travel record risk check feature will be enabled today, but if the itinerary record overlaps with the travel route of a positive case, the health code will automatically turn yellow and the Health Department will send an SMS notification. increase.

From the day the yellow code is set, a person with a yellow code must have two covid nucleic acid tests within 4 days, and the two tests will not be done on the same day.

The city-wide nucleic acid test is completed today at 12:00 noon and all results are estimated to be published by 12:00 tonight.

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