An Atomyze head said the platform will begin working with individuals in the coming weeks. The primary channel of communication with individual clients will be the bank’s own mobile application. At the same time, she did not exclude the participation of non-residents.

“Non-residents can act as both investors and issuers of digital financial assets. , that the reverse is also possible, if the site is regulated, the (Russian) law does not prohibit its publication, we are betting on the fact that there is demand for the release, but there is a stable demand We want to cover the Russian market first because of the volatility,” said Hrorobicheva.

Atomyze itself, of which Interros is one of the investors, was created before the current crisis in Ukraine in the fall of 2021, but perhaps such active token development is linked to sanctions against Russia. increase.

One of the Russian businessmen, Vladimir Potanin, is the main inspirer of the idea of ​​​​digitalization in Russia, and in recent years has lobbied for a domestic law on digital financial assets in Russia. Tokens of metals and other physical assets could be a great alternative to stocks and depository receipts, making them accessible to a wide range of investors, including the general public, where investment opportunities are relatively scarce.

Atomyze is an open platform for the digitization of various assets, processes and rights built on distributed ledger technology within the framework of current legislation. According to the company’s website, this is an open platform for both legal entities (issuers and investors) and individuals (investors), so far residents of Russia.

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