(CNS): Grant Thornton Cayman Islands has given all staff the option to take a vacation every Friday from July to August. Given that many auditors and financial services professionals are experiencing burnout after a busy period, the company is most important to its employees in a press release announcing its four-day working week this summer. They said they wanted to focus on what they were doing and give them extra time to maintain both, their physical and mental health.

Adrianna Christian, senior HR manager at the company, said: “It allows for extra time to pursue passion, spend more time with loved ones, travel, or just relax. Our employees have been working over the past few months. I’m working very hard and it really deserves time to take a step back and improve the balance between work and life. This, of course, leads to improved well-being. “

Managing partner Dara Keogh said that the physical and mental health of the staff is essential to the company. “It is the individuality and diversity of our team that differentiates us and strengthens us,” she said.

This is the first year that Grant Sawton’s regional office staff spent these additional holidays in the summer, but a spokesman told the CNS that US and UK offices implemented similar policies. He said he was successful. Potential costs are mitigated by the company’s ability to attract and retain quality people for a happy work environment, the spokesman added.

The company said the announcement has been very welcome so far. One accountant described the introduction on Friday summer as a “great initiative.” Especially after a busy time in the financial services sector.

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