In August 2022, the top 10 “Most Liked” photos on Bernews’ Instagram page included a satellite image of Bermuda, a sunset over Hamilton Harbor, and Eastern County Cup fans Jah-Nhai Perinchief and his Commonwealth Games. Bronze medal analysis was included. Pride Parade, Intrepid opening, Bacchanal run with Juche de Silva Andrade and Omar Hayward winning, Fairmont Southampton celebrating his 50th anniversary.

#1 – Satellite image of Bermuda

#2 – Sunset over Hamilton Harbor

#3 – Eastern County Cup Fans

#4 – Winning Leap by Jah-Nhai Perinchief

#5 – Pride Parade

#6 – Jah-Nhai Perinchief wins Commonwealth Bronze

#7 – Intrepid opens on Hamilton Princess

#8 – Yushae DeSilva-Andrade and Omar Hayward take the win

#9 – Fairmont Southampton turns 50

#10 – Bacchanal Run

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