A woman’s hoarding problem has worsened over the years, and the trash she stocks up now occupies her neighbor’s property.

She also hangs plastic bottles and can bags on the tree in front. Block 135 Eshun Street 11 where she lives in the unit on the ground floor.

Residents of the area say she has had this problem for over a decade and even her son’s petition did not succeed in stopping the stacking of plastic items and cardboard boxes outside the unit.

A July 8 report from Sim Min Daily News showed a picture of a “decorated” and “garbage tree” by a woman in her 80s.

There is a large plastic bag hanging from a tree, and you can also see a garbage bag around it.

The problem is no longer included in the woman’s property, but it also affects her neighbors. The unit at the corner of her floor was empty, so she decided to stack boxes there as well, a neighbor told Sim Min Daily News.

Neighbors added that women’s stored items reached their units and were worried about the mice building houses there.

And a female fellow resident asked her to stop hoarding, but her aunt didn’t respond.

Authorities have frequently checked the situation of women and have worked to remove any debris found there if necessary.

Sim Min Daily News reported that the Nice Town Council is aware of this issue. The city council said it would work with the Residents Committee to help residents affected by the hoarding of women.

As one resident told the Chinese every day, the situation has also reached the point where female neighbors are now “accustomed to it.”

Efforts to clean up the hoarding have not been successful in the long run, as women simply start hoarding shortly after the item is taken away.

In 2020, the corridor outside the aunt’s apartment was cleared at least five times, STOMP reported.

However, the problem has not been resolved.

The area around the women’s apartment was recently cleaned up on July 6th.

Hoarding is a state of mental health.

“People with stocking disabilities find it difficult to dispose of or let go of their belongings because they are aware of the need to store them. Attempting to let go of their belongings causes considerable pain and causes them to go away. It leads to a decision to save, “says psychiatry.org. / TISG

Residents of Nee Soon have been complaining about the hoarding issue of their neighbors for two years, but “nothing has happened.”

The post that Yishun’s aunt stored garbage for years and hung cans and bottles on a tree was first published in The IndependentSingaporeNews-Latest Updates.

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