An Australian man colluded with general practitioner Jipson Quah and doctor’s then clinic assistant Thomas Chua Cheng Soon on Wednesday (June 8) for illegally obtaining a vaccination certificate for Covid-19. I was charged in court.

David Christopher Newton, 43, has been accused of working with the pair on two charges of dishonestly false statements to the Ministry of Health (MOH) between December 26, last year and January 15, this year. I have been accused.

According to court documents, Newton was not vaccinated with the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine at the time.

Nevertheless, the trio is said to have falsely stated to MOH that they had received the vaccine to obtain a certificate.

The three men were also accused of making false statements similar to MOH, claiming that the woman had received the vaccine even though she had not received it, and she was able to obtain a certificate. ..

Court documents did not reveal how she was associated with Newton.

He will be offered $ 15,000 on bail on Wednesday and his pretrial meeting will take place on July 5.

Violators will be imprisoned and fined for up to 20 years for each count they collude to misrepresent.

Kua, 33, was arrested on January 21 with Chua, 40, and Iris Ko, 46, the founder of the vaccine control group Healing the Divide.

The trio allegedly colluded to trick the forged vaccination record into submission to MOH. Their proceedings are pending.

Quah was subsequently stopped by taking fake Covid-19 jabs to about 15 patients and allegedly charged up to $ 1,500 per dose for at least 3 patients.

The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) has stated that these crimes are extremely serious and guarantee a suspension of up to 18 months, based on the basis of the decision published online in April.

He added that Kua’s actions could endanger the general public and undermine confidence in medical professionals and Singapore’s Covid-19 testing capabilities.

The SMC’s Interim Order Committee gave an example of how Quah broke the rule.

In particular, he administered saline to 15 patients instead of the Covid-19 vaccine.

He then reported these patients to the National Immunoregistration Office as having been vaccinated. This happened around December of last year and January of this year.

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