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Australian person The University (AU) held a graduation ceremony on Sunday for the final batch of ACK graduates of the 2020/2021 academic year from various bachelor’s and diploma programs. The event featured a concert by Kuwaiti singer Mutref Al-Mutref to celebrate the inauguration of an Australian university.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Saad Al-Omari, Chair of the Board of Directors of AU, said: We are proud to introduce our graduates to the labor market with the necessary professional and technical skills. “

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He showed that the graduation ceremony marks the beginning of a new journey for graduates by embarking on their next successful endeavor and helping build Kuwait’s vision. “We are confident of the ability and confidence they need to meet this next challenge,” he added. Omari said Australian universities have designed research programs to meet international standards, respond to global developments, and enhance administrative operations to cover educational needs resulting from pandemics.

Professor Isam Zabalawi, president of an Australian university, pointed out that the graduates of this group face immense challenges and difficulties due to the pandemic. “Through all, graduates have shown incredible determination, self-confidence, and resilience. Today, they have built up Kuwait’s vision and future and are currently working in various private and public institutions across the country. We are following in the footsteps of our graduates, “he said.

Zabalawi said the AU has a collaborative network “particularly with Australia’s strategic partner CQ University, exchanging knowledge and sharing the best quality assurance practices while preserving the university’s local identity”, both locally and internationally. He said he worked hard to expand into.

“AU is very proud of its graduates who have the skills, knowledge and abilities to excel and succeed in an environment driven by change and uncertainty. Today is the end of the chapter, It’s the beginning of an exciting journey full of new experiences. We encourage you to continue on the path of success, excellence, and distinction, as you are confident that you have what you need to succeed and reach your goals. I will do it, “said Zabalawi.

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Kuwait’s Australian Ambassador Jonathan Gilbert congratulated the graduates. “The 2021 class, the future is bright. Today is not only an important day for your academic journey, but also an important moment for your personal life and family. More to celebrate this day. Let’s build on our achievements and milestones and help Kuwait continue to prosper, “he said.

The ambassador praised AU’s role and efforts in being recognized as a university. “Tonight we also celebrate the long-standing dream of the founder of Kuwait’s Australian College to become a full-fledged university. This ambition was made possible by Amiri Decree, who officially founded an Australian university earlier this year. In particular, I can’t say how happy I am. It took years of effort by Dr. Al Omari, Professor Zabarawi, the Board of Directors, senior management and faculty to reach this goal. ” Added.

Meanwhile, a bachelor’s degree representative, Salma Al-Yazidi, said the graduates have harvested their efforts and efforts and achieved one of the major milestones in life. Because of this, they are very proud and how.

“Australian universities have opened the door to us all opportunities. It was more than just research. It taught us patience, patience, independence, and commitment. It’s me. Is the place that shaped my personality and built on my experience. The hope for the future is education. Respect what we have learned and make the positive changes the world needs. ” Added.

Al-Anoud Budastoor, the representative of the diploma holder, began his speech in Tunisian poetry. “Anyone who is afraid to climb mountains will live forever at the bottom. Dear graduates, believe that you will climb all the mountains you come across in your life and you will ultimately succeed. The unknown was exciting, but I have to admit that there were challenges and sometimes hardships. Not everything in life will be easy and not immediately successful, but do your best You have to struggle, “she said.

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