Newly published book Hunger: A Guide to Nonfiction Writing by Lee-Ann Liles is now available for purchase at Brown & Co., Bermuda Bookstore, Bermuda College Bookstore and more.

On the cover of this book, “‘Hunger’ is defined by the author as a desire to write, a desire to get ideas and ideas on the page. If you are willing to pursue passion in this definition, I recommend reading “The Hunger”.

“Each chapter, written as a memoir of self-help, describes the habits of the writing process from catharsis to poetry reading, serendipity to sleepless nights. This book touches on many aspects of creative nonfiction writing. I am.

Lee-Ann Liles is a Bermudian with an English BA from Notre Dame University at Maryland University, an MLIS from San Jose State University, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Baypas University. She has won the Peggy Patrick Mile Award for writing tutorials at the University of Notre Dame.

Her writing has been published in Poetry Motel, Crack the Spine or will be published soon. Bermuda Poetry Collection, Bermuda Poetry Collection II, Caketrain Journal, Talking River Review, Damozel, Conte, Nashwaak Review, Bottom of the World Magazine, The Call Number, BC Journal Vol. 1, 2, 3, Chronic Babe, PRECIPICE, 805 Lit & Art, Fleas on the Dog, Multiplicity Magazine, NANNY FANNY. Her books “Aerie: Short Stories” and “Of Gods and Fathers” are currently on the shelves.

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