The production bottleneck was an important issue in the aviation industry, equivalent to a speed date with the turmoil of the conference held at the elaborate temporary chalet built at the Farnborough Airshow in the United Kingdom.

Raytheon Technologies Chief Operating Officer Chris Cario was flocking to some of his company’s largest customers, including Boeing.

Boeing’s commercial chief, Standir, described the contrast between the US aircraft manufacturer’s sales jackpot and the struggle to get thousands of companies to deliver parts on time as a “two-world story.”

In an interview with Raytheon’s chalet at the top of a hill overlooking the show, Cario said companies were tackling labor shortages, high inflation and disruption in parts shipments, exacerbated by China’s blockade of Covid and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a result, he said he was in pain throughout the industry.

“We see and feel it sharply,” he said.

Raytheon, the United States’ leading defense contractor and manufacturer of Pratt & Whitney’s jet engines and other aircraft parts, fired employees and stood bumpy after slowing down the plant to withstand the pandemic. I was preparing to raise it.

I didn’t expect workers to hesitate to return to the factory floor or to have geopolitical turmoil that disrupted the business.

Raytheon has sent hundreds of employees to suppliers to help handle log jams, scrutinizing suppliers and their suppliers for signs of “vulnerability.” The company also focuses on chokepoints in its factories and maintenance and repair shops, he added.

Brazil’s small regional aircraft maker Embraer reiterated the theme earlier this week, saying that the shortage of parts, in addition to the shortage of staff in the United States, has been the most serious blow.

Embraer has already dispatched more than 20 employees to work with suppliers and some sub-suppliers that cover the most important points of the supply chain to ensure that the company has the parts it needs.

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