The proposed licensing scheme will consult with the public on whether cats are suitable for keeping as pets in public housing, and AVS and HDB are also exploring the possibility of allowing pet cats in Housing Board apartments. .

“We have had a lot of calls from cat lovers to allow this,” Senior Minister for National Development Tan Kiat Hau said Saturday at a Pet Day Out event where AVS is engaging with the pet community. .

While officials are aware that HDB flat residents want to keep cats as pets, others are concerned about the problems caused by irresponsible cat ownership, he said. Added.

“We will continue to consult the general public at large and balance the needs of different segments of our community as we carefully consider our pet ownership policies.”

Community cat management

A second strategy is to extend the trap-neuter-rehome/release-management (TNRM) program for free-roaming dogs to community cats. If so, return them to foster care or return them to the community.

The proposed TNRM program for cats would be similar to the current Stray Cat Sterilization Program (SCSP), which manages the local cat population by subsidizing the cost of sterilization and microchipping, with AVS working with animal welfare organizations. ) is built upon.

AVS is currently conducting research to better understand the local cat population and ecology, as well as the social aspects of cat management.

AVS said the findings will be used to refine the proposed cat management framework, including a proposal to extend the program to community cats.

responsible cat ownership

A third strategy is to explore ways to further promote responsible cat ownership, cat adoption, and responsible community cat care.

“One example is sharing pet care with new pet owners. Initiatives like this help protect the health and welfare of pets,” said AVS.

Tan reassured the public that the authorities would pay attention to the situation of existing cat owners, carefully consider all new measures, and implement them gradually.

“We all have a role to play in encouraging responsible pet ownership and care for local animals,” he said.

The talks are part of a larger Forward Singapore movement aimed at revamping the country’s social pact and “building a friendlier home,” AVS said.

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