A boy born to an incestuous couple in Dustlik, Uzbekistan, died just hours after his birth because of a serious genetic defect, the Daily Star reported.

On June 4, 2022, the baby was born with many severe birth defects, the last moment of the baby was captured on tape, and the video became viral.

The video shows a baby struggling in an incubator, and a photo of the baby widely published on the Internet showed his bottom covered with dry, scaly skin. The picture was taken while the nurse was cleaning the baby.

A hereditary skin condition known as congenital ichthyosis is characterized by extensive, overly red, dry, rough skin covered with white scales, both large and small.

According to the Uzbek Ministry of Health on June 28, the mother of a boy born in 1994 was 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant when she gave birth to the boy.

The baby was 47 centimeters (18.5 inches) tall.

The ministry also said that the baby was her second birth and that it was normal for her first husband to be born.

The baby was born from an incestuous relationship with his brother.

Doctors say they did everything to save the baby, but failed because the baby died only 2 hours and 10 minutes after birth.

This has led the Uzbek Health Minister to warn against incest and marriage between relatives.

“Most births with genetic defects result from marriages between close relatives. When a baby lives, it suffers from a variety of life-threatening symptoms, including birth defects, chromosomal abnormalities, down syndrome, and severe physical disability. Will be, “said the warning.

The Uzbekistan Ministry of Health is calling on couples who want to have a family to undergo a medical examination to prevent weddings between close relatives.

Post-incest babies died shortly after birth due to a serious genetic defect and were first featured in The Independent News.

The post that a baby born to a sibling’s parents suffers from a serious genetic defect and dies was first published in The Independent Singapore News-Latest Breaking News.

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