If you’re a critic of digital movies and stick to storing your favorite movies on videotape, you could be sitting on a pile of money.

Tapes, long driven into the vague corners of the collectibles market, VHS, or video home systems, have been priced at stunning auctions in recent months, thanks to nostalgia and a desire for new investment opportunities. I have won.

At the Heritage Auctions sale last month, Back to the Future video cassettes sold for $ 75,000 (S $ 105,000), and copies of Goonie and Jaws sold for $ 50,000 and $ 32,500, respectively.

Videotape collectors have been around since the late 1970s when the format was introduced, but according to John in Canada’s newmarket, most “VHS tapes are of little value” these days. Over 20 years.

“I’m lucky to get $ 5 each,” said an active eBay user who didn’t reveal his surname.

Until recently, only some movies that weren’t published online or in other media, and lesser-known horror movies, could sometimes order higher prices than $ 1,000.

However, this new trend focuses primarily on blockbuster titles from the early 1980s.

In order to be considered worthwhile, the tape must meet some specific criteria and will be given a premium to the first edition and the sealed copy.

Limited editions such as the larger box version of Star Wars will also be of interest.

George Lucas’s sci-fi cult classic is widely regarded as a must-have, and some copies are already on sale for over US $ 10,000.

The Holy Trinity is from the first slate ever released on the US market in 1977: M * A * S * H, Patton, The Sound of Music, to the financially distressed 20th Century Fox and Magnetic Video. It could be a movie.

Jakarson, VHS consignment director of Heritage Auctions, said these could reach “six-digit numbers, perhaps seven-digit numbers.”

Many long-time collectors are wondering about the sudden surge 16 years after the last release of this form of film (A History Of Violence). The last VCR was manufactured in 2016.

Philip Baker, who runs the www.videocollector.co.uk website, said: “One of the special things about VHS compared to other formats was that it was the first accessible way to watch a movie at home.”

Pat Contri, the host of a completely unnecessary podcast, has a different perspective and there are similarities between current VHS trends and video games. He said that both markets are “flooded with people who have just decided to enter it. They told themselves:” I have money, let’s invest in it. “

Over the last decade, some cultural staples, from sneakers to skateboards, have become a collectable asset class, many thanks to a new generation of investors who grew up with them.

The entire industry is coming together, as shown by the growing number of dedicated Facebook groups, grading services that assess reliability and status, and auction houses that are willing to add VHS to their sales.

Contri is critical of the process of “trying to seduce people with the fear of” fomo “for fear of missing a lucrative investment, rather than naturally developing a relatively new collection hobby for the masses.”

“There are people who are only open-box guys, and they are very skeptical about the sealed guys and what that means for their own collection,” Carlson said. “But I think it’s a good thing. It’s just the difference in the way you’re collecting.”

He believes VHS tape has even greater potential than video games, which sold twice last year for more than $ 1 million.

“There are a lot of people who aren’t interested in video games and don’t play video games, but not many people don’t have a favorite movie,” he said. -AFP

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