Baileys Bay executed their game plan and won the Eastern County Cup from St David’s Cricket Club in Lord’s, St David.

Baileys Bay won the toss and was selected to bat. Baileys Bay saw him record 218/7 after his 57 overs and Tremanders scored his century in his third straight. Manders shared his eighth wicket partnership of 76 runs with Kyle Hodsol and with club president Stephen Outerbridge he also shared his fifth wicket partnership of 74 runs. Cejay Outerbridge was named St. David’s bowler with numbers of 12.5-2-36-3, while Chis Douglas bowled with his 9-0-42-3.

In response, St Davids Cricket Club were bowled out for 138 and St Davids Cricket Club ran into trouble early on at 18/4. Chris Douglas was the top scorer with 44. 42, but as the pair broke, Baileys Bay emerged victorious. Rodney Trott, with figures of 17-4-44-6, was named Baileys Bay as he was the bowler, with McKeel Walker returning his figures of 6-2-23-3.

Baileys Bay Inning

..00 [06] Rodney Trott c Ricardo Brangmann b Sedjay Outerbridge
..twenty two [68] Coolidge Durham c OJ Pitcher Jr. b Chris Douglas
..29 [43] Jared Richardson c OJ Pitcher Jr b Chris Douglas
..00 [02] Terrin Frey LBW Chris Douglas
114 [116] Tre Mander’s Not Out
..35 [61] Stephen Outerbridge b Cejay Outerbridge
..00 [06] Shari Tavares LBW George O’Brien
..00 [06] Shaquille Outerbridge c Ricardo Brangman b Cejay Outerbridge
..09 [38] Kyle Hodsol out of action
..09 Extra [1b-3lb-1w-4nb]
218 total declared after 7 wickets 57 overs

Wicket fall: 1-0 [Trott]2-43 [Richardson]3-43 [Fray]4-62 [Durham]5-136 [Stephen Outerbridge]6-141 [Tavares]7-142 [Shaquille Outerbridge]

St David Cricket Club Bowlers

12.5-2-36-3 Sejay Outer Bridge
6.0-1-20-0 Seth Campbell
24.-3-84-1 George O’Brien
9.0-0-42-3 Chris Douglas
5.1-0-32-0 Justin Pitcher

Innings at St David’s Cricket Club

..44 [82] Chris Douglas c Terrin Frey b Rodney Trott
..02 [13] Dean Simmons, Jared Richardson, McKeel Walker
..00 [04] OJ Pitcher Jr LBW McKeel Walker
..00 [01] Drewonde Bascome LBW Rodney Trott
..01 [07] Ricardo Brangman, Rodney Trott, McKeel Walker
..42 [37] Makai Simmons and Sharier Tavares
..12 [14] Justin Pitcher c Coolidge Durham b Rodney Trott
..14 [20] Saki Robinson c Coolidge Durham b Rodney Trott
..06 [30] George O’Brien LBW Rodney Trott
..15 [20] seth campbell is not in
..00 [03] Cejay Outerbridge and Rodney Trott
..02 Bonus [1b-1lb]
138 total all out 39.1 over

Wicket drop: 1-6 [Simons]2-6 [OJ Pitcher Jr]3-11 [Bascome]4-18 [Brangman]5-87 [Simmons]6-101 [Douglas]7-106 [Justin Pitcher]8-120 [Robinson]9-130 [O’Brien]10-138 [Outerbridge]

Baileys Bay Bowlers

5.0-0-18-0 Kyle Hodsol
6.0-2-2-3 McKeel Walker
17.-4-44-6 Rodney Trott
4.0-0-26-0 Jordan Burgess
8.0-1-25-1 Shari Tavares

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