Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, Zoo [BAMZ] On Saturday, June 4th, we celebrated World Oceans Day and World Environment Day with about 1000 participants enjoying a Family Open Day event at the facility.

A spokeswoman said: “For BZS and BAMZ, every day is World Ocean and World Environment Day. BZS combines nearly 150 years of environmental support with the sole mission of” inspiring appreciation and consideration for the island’s environment. ” Through the Stempel Foundation BZS Schools, we provide all Bermuda school children with over 8,000 free educational environment experiences annually. In addition to programs, environmental and marine conservation and research programs.

“The theme of this year’s World Oceans Day is” Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean. ” Living on an island surrounded by the Atlantic needs to work together to conserve great marine resources for future generations and solve some of the world’s biggest problems of climate change and marine protection. Means.

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“At the Open Day event, BZS and BAMZ demonstrated their commitment to marine conservation through a variety of programs. 50 years of representatives from the Bermuda Turtle Project on-site to understand and protect sea turtles. I talked about my research.

“The Marine Debris Task Force discussed issues related to marine debris in the open ocean, which was especially important by our own mermaids who spoke to children about this issue.

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“BAMZ Animal Care and Quarantine Officer Roma Hayward said that marine animals frequently encounter artificial objects such as fishing lines and marine plastics, the impact these items have on animals, and what BAMZ does to rehabilitate animals. BAMZ Aquarists went to the waters at the entrance to Flatt to purify marine debris, 192 empty glass bottles, old fishing line wrapped around a “T” dock, and other marine debris, including marine debris. I was able to get rid of the mountains. ..

“A BZS educator was on site to give a brief introduction to freediving, including kids on the reef participants. Members of the BZS Science Club also conducted a live science experiment on coral bleaching. A popular boat. On the tour, BZS Captent Lever Lawson helped visitors understand Harrington Sound’s special ecosystem and highlighted the BZS Living Classroom on Trunk Island, including an exhibition of new living mangroves.

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“There were also programs financially managed and supported by BZS, such as the Bermuda Marine Prosperity Project, a presentation on migratory birds from Andrew Stevenson on the Bermuda Whale Project, and Choiaming on the Bermuda Shark Project.

“Because nature is in emergency mode, the #OnlyOneEarth campaign on World Environment Day wants to celebrate the planet through collective environmental action today and every day. To celebrate this, BZS and BAMZ are environmentally friendly. We exhibited various programs to support.

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“On the coastline of the BAMZ facility, guests were able to see the latest BZS microforest up close, where children also interacted with some of the drones that BZS uses to record micro progress. I was able to fly. Forest project.

“BAMZ staff were able to provide guests with intimate encounters with animals in our living collection, such as snakes, turtles and Portuguese man-of-war, because the BZS Living Classroom has its own beehive. , Spencer Fields of Passion Fields gave a presentation on the importance of pollen maters such as bees and butterflies.

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“We are especially grateful to the vendors of the Open Day event. JazzyTreats, Ashley’s Lemonade, and Casa Dos Acores provided delicious snacks and worked with BZS and BAMZ to move forward with minimal disposable plastic for the day. “

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“The common mission of BZS and BAMZ is to stimulate appreciation and consideration for the island’s environment. As a BAMZ charity, BZS is an example of a very successful non-profit / public partnership.

“BZS offers more than 8,000 free educational experiences each year through the Tempel Foundation BZS School Program, in addition to a community program popular with all ages, the development, protection and research programs of BAMZ exhibits. , Provides over 10,000 hours of valuable livestock support to aquariums and zoos, and all programs are accredited by the Zoo Aquarium Association. “

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