An eclectic collection of pop culture and history, including a guitar once owned by blues legend BB King and an early photograph of movie star Marilyn Monroe, will go up for sale at New York’s Guernsey auction house next month .

“This is an auction of iconic objects, which may not be related to each other… What they have in common is that they are in some way quite remarkable – whether they are famous events or celebrities. whether related to or not,” said Arlan Ettinger, Guernsey founder and president.

Many first and never-before-seen guitars from BB King. Other items coming directly from King’s estate, who died in 2015, include handwritten music, former South African leader Nelson, an African tribal drum gifted to him by his Mandela, and his six There are jackets and so on.

Pictures from Marilyn Monroe’s first ever photo shoot are also included in the sale, and come with an interesting backstory.

“In 1945, U.S. Army Captain Ronald Reagan commissioned an Army private to photograph a young woman of the attractive ‘Rosie the Riveter’ type working at a local munitions factory… One of the original photos. She was that woman…she became the great and legendary Marilyn Monroe,” Ettinger explained, holding one of her photos.

The 120-lot sale also includes US baseball star Mickey Mantle sporting items, as well as jazz singer Billie Holiday’s passport and fur wraps.

Historic lots include the engine telegraph used on the USS St. Louis and the sword that was on display while President John F. Kennedy’s body rested in the White House.

Proceeds from the sale of tools used at the World Trade Center attack site in New York City in September 2001 will be donated to the online 9/11 Tribute Museum.

The auction will take place online on September 21st at and

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